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All About Lagoon Bleu

Lagoon Bleu Swim all started with a trip back home to Jamaica in July 2021. Driving up the Blue Mountains, and down through the valley,  my mother and I stumbled on a lady making beautiful crocheted bikinis near the Blue Lagoon area of Jamaica. Amazed with what we saw, we knew that this was something this lady was passionate about and wanted to see how we could get her talents shown to the world. After that trip, we were motivated to get this business started, and most of all get this woman’s craft showcased. On August 1, 2021 Lagoon Bleu was born!

Meet our founder!

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Simone has always loved adventures. From a very young age she decided to take control of her future by investing in her talent and businesses. This is not the first business she has spearheaded. However, this is the first pursuit that truly originated straight from Jamaica itself.  With a Jamaican heritage, she has always loved the islands.  Lagoon Bleu is the perfect blend of her adventurous nature and her love for the tropics. 

After countless beach trips, I realized that I wanted to create amazing swimwear for everyone to wear. Feeling confident and exploring are things I am always inspired to do.

Simone Simmonds

Find the perfect look for your adventurous side with Lagoon Bleu Swim!