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How to care for your Lagoon Bleu Swimwear

Made to be worn and from season to season, we have chosen our Lagoon Bleu fabic for it’s perfect combination of softness and beautiful texture. To keep your Lagoon Bleu Swimwear pieces in pristine condidition, please follow our care instructions listed below.

Tip No.1

Rinse your swimsuit after use with cool tap water to remove any sand, sunscreen, or oil residue.

Tip No.2

Gently squeeze excess water out of the swimsuit. Don’t wring it, as it can damage the fabric.

Tip No.3

Fill a sink or tub with cool water. Add a few drops of mild soap or bikini wash. Do not use laundry detergent or bleach.

swimsuit, crochet swimsuit, handmade bikini
crochet bikini

Tip No.4

Lay swimsuit flat to dry, in a shaded area, over a clean towel. Don’t hang or dry in direct sunlight, as this can stretch a discolor the fabric.

Tip No.5

Soak the swimsuit for 10-15 mins, then gently massage it to remove any dirt, oils and chemicals. Finish by thorouoghly rinsing it with clean water.

Tip No.6

Never use the washing machine or tumble dryer.


Care is in our Nature

Our Lagoon Bleu pieces are handmade delicately to fit you perfectly and designed for you to feel your ultimate best on many wear. Take strides on creating a sustainable world by washing your pieces carefully with our instructions. By following these care instructions, you can help preserve the beauty and quality of your crochet swimwear for many seasons to come. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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