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Coco Swimsuit


Crochet Swimsuit One Piece

A classic crochet swimsuit one piece meets the Blue Lagoon. With a scoop neck front and mid scoop back, thin straps and a high cut front. We’ve made a classy one piece of your dreams. Perfect for under the palms trees with warm weather.


  • Scoop Front
  • Mid Scoop Back
  • High Cut Front


This is a hand-made crochet swimsuit one piece and must be treated with care and delicacy. Strong pulling or having nails or jewelry caught might cause the the work to come undone. We recommend gentle hand-washing and laying the piece flat and in the shade to dry.

Are crochet bathing suits good?

Crochet bathing suits are all the rage these days. Crochet bathing suits have become popular because of how long-lasting they are. Originally from the 1970s, these crochet one-pieces have made a comeback as people fall in love with them all over again. These swimsuits require some extra attention when it comes to washing them–but will still look great while you swim or soak up the sun.

What swimsuit is best for muffin top?

While any body type can rock this suit, it’s best for those who want to hide their muffin tops. In order to do so – opt for a one-piece suit that hides your stomach area and lengthens your frame. The delicate crochet material is slightly transparent adding an extra oomph of sexiness!

Crochet One Piece Swimsuits

A sophisticated yet feminine one-piece swimsuit has a classic design that’s perfect for lounging around. Scoop Neck Front and Mid Scoop Back; Thin Straps; Higher Cut Front; Make this One Piece Swimsuit just what you need to look elegant while wearing it at the pool or beach!